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Baby Changing Bag Review - Il Tutto "Nico" Bag

Before I start I just want to state that this review is based on my own personal experience with this particular baby changing bag over the last 2 years and is not in any way endorsed by Il Tutto themselves.

Being a 'slight' bag obsessive person pre-baby, I knew that my choice of baby bag that I was going to be using on a daily basis was not one I was going to take lightly....yes yes I know its just a bag but its not really lets be honest! It needed it to be the right size, shape, material, colour and a touch of celeb status to make me happy - no judgement for my shallowness please haha.
After many weeks of mother-daughter shopping trips we strolled into Blossom Mother and Child on Walton Street in South Kensington - and there it was.... The "Nico" bag in Navy Blue, sat on a pedestal.
It was exactly what I was looking for, a discrete Mary Poppins Bag that would easily contain all baby's and my bits and pieces yet still look stylish! Not to mention the fact that the blue was a perfect match for my Bugaboo Cameleon.Being only 7 months pregnant at the time I was yet to find out just how much "stuff" I would eventually be stuffing in this bag!
Firstly what I loved about it at first glance is that it did not say "mummy" or "baby" anywhere on the bag, the fabric is a patent leather that to this day still looks brand new and shiny. With 2 outside end pockets and a zip along the back these would prove to be very useful for those frequent use items such as keys, soothers and bibs!

It comes with a changing pad, insulated bottle holder, clear plastic zip pouch for wet items however I do warn mums that if you are using Tommee Tippee Bottles then they don't fit in the bottle holder sadly however the inside pockets are wide and deep so I used to put bottles there no problem.

The inside lining has a zipper along the bottom so can easily be removed for wiping down and cleaning crumbs....many MANY crumbs! With many inside pockets I had a place for everything so nothing was floating around getting lost...spare socks, baby bottles/sippy cups, mini Tupperware's with snacks, mini first aid kit... you name it, it was in there! The central cavity of the bag was really very spacious so when little T was at the age of very likely spit up, I had to carry around half his wardrobe which was never a problem.
The long strap is adjustable so I would often have it at its smallest so it would hang over the Bugaboo handle bars without getting in the way and easy to carry on the shoulder too.

The likes of lovely lady's like Dannii Minogue and Denise Van Outen also carried the Nico in Navy!

The Nico has been on many travel adventures with us from Beirut to Dubai to Monaco... very well travelled bag (and baby!) Here are some pics i've dug up!

My proud moment - putting together the Bugaboo Cameleon on my own and hanging my new shiny bag on it, dreaming of the little person i'd soon have :)

At Hyde Park with little T (he's wearing a baby Steiff romper with Trumpette socks - those were the easy days at the park! Now I have to run!

My little curious monkey stealing his snacks (he's wearing a Chicco blazer, Diesel white top and Jacadi Paris jeans)

In Dubai visiting my parents, the Nico survived high heats, sand and probably a fair amount of chlorine!

In Monaco sneaking in some shopping with my mum during nap time!

The Il Tutto Nico Bag can be purchased from:

Babes with Babies:
Harrods Baby Department
Mamas and Papas Stores and Online

It retails from £149 - £199.

I simply love this bag and I couldn't recommend it more!

p.s this is also a good daddy bag!! Daddy D had no problem carrying it when he was out and about with little T as its pretty neutral! 

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