Sunday, 14 September 2014

NatureZoo of Denmark

A few months back I spent the day at Bubble London trade fair for baby and children's fashion. I went in the hope that I will discover some wonderful new brands to stock in my boutique and boy was I overwhelmed with the choices! One brand in particular really fit the bill and that was NatureZoo of Denmark...

NatureZoo specialise in hand crocheted bamboo cotton toys that are not only unbelievably cute but have so many benefits over regular soft toys!

Their texture is as soft a silk and bamboo fibres are antibacterial and anti-fungus which essentially prevents any bad smells which is common with a loved toy. Furthermore the bamboo yarn has the FSC certification, which means that nature has been taken into consideration both when cultivating and harvesting the bamboo.

The range is adorable and animal based with an array of bright, bold colours which is what struck me from a distance as I was walking about the trade fair. The collection boasts a gorgeous selection of not only single soft toys but also buggy toys, buggy mobiles and nursery mobiles.

These crotched animals make a wonderful maternity gift at a baby shower! To shop NatureZoo click here :))

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