Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sundays in Sweats

As we begin to enter Spring we can ease up the use of chunky knits and bobble hats and move on to thinner cotton tops. As its not likely to get super hot anytime soon, layers is always best to ensure babies and young kids don't get cold or overheat.

We've chosen out top baby and kids sweatshirt picks for the season, enjoy :)

1. Bobo Choses -  Bow Sweatshirt from Kidsen, 2. Panda Sweatshirt from Mini Rodini, 3. Crocodile Sweat from Marks and Spencer, 4. Beau Loves - Superhero Sweatshirt from Beanie Buds and Co, 5. Oobi Baby - Lachlan Sweatshirt from Milo et Mimi, 6. Stella McCartney Kids - Grey Flower Print Sweatshirt from Alex and Alexa, 7. Boys and Girls - Bright as Day Sweatshirt from Burp Boutique

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