Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Rain Rain..... ease up a bit please?

As the rain clouds seem to have gotten rather comfy over Britain this winter with no real sign of sunshine for a while, then good quality and fun children's rain wear is essential to keep those little people dry and warm. The good news is that most rain wear is in the sale right now in shops and online boutiques... If you have already made your rain wear purchases for this year, its not a bad idea to snatch up some gorgeous items for next year while they're still in the sale! Lets face it, its not like we're going to have a dry winter - ever ! Yes ok i'm a touch pessimistic about British weather...

Anyways, at LPB HQ we've put together a little something with our top picks for the rainy season!

1. Hunter Boots from Igloo Kids, 2. Oobi Baby Vest from Milo et Mimi, 3. Tartine et Chocolat Marine Portobello Jacket from Igloo Kids, 4. Dry and Lucky Umbrella from Tiger Stores
5. Rainbow Stripe Wellies from Little Bird by Jools, 6. Liberty Print Rain Jacket from Jacadi
7. Trench Coat with Striped Lining from Zara Kids, 8. Boss Hooded Coat from Selfridges

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